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Fukuoka Attractions You Must See
Fukuoka is a city in Japan, and one of the best places to visit in the Asian country. Tourist attractions in the city are among the most visited according to Japans tourism sector. So what are the top attractions? Continue reading to find out.
Shopping and Entertainment experiences at Canal City Hakata
Canal City is locally dubbed \"A City within the City\" and is one of the best places you can experience great entertainment and also get to shop while in Fukuoka. It is a large entertainment and shopping centre that is very famous in Fukuoka, with large exhibition stalls, cafes, and state of the art restaurants. Within the shopping complex, there are two hotels in which you can book a night or two to experience the best of Fukuoka. A canal that runs through the complex is where the name came from. This has remained a focal Fukuoka attraction to the locals and the foreign tourist, who come here to learn about the great architectural work. At the various restaurants in the complex, you will get to sample different Japanese cuisines.
Visit the Fukuoka Tower
This is another top Fukuoka attraction to the people of Japan and international Tourist. It is 234 metres high, and hence the highest seaside tower in Japan. It is surrounded by various tourist attraction shopping centres and destinations including the seaside. At the top of the tower, you will get a very beautiful sight of Fukuoka and also get to see a nice view of the furthest points which include mountains and other Fukuoka landmarks. There is a sky lounge and restaurant, which is ideal for lunch or dinner as you observe the surrounding. Also inside the tower are various shopping stalls that you can visit and shop various things to do in Taiwan including the Japanese Kimono to wear in Fukuoka as you enjoy the tour.
Make a Match Prayer at the Kushida Shinto Shrine
This is a famous Fukuoka attraction where the famous Yamakasa festival is held. You will meet thousands of Fukuoka locals and other people coming here for a matchmaking player. This is an annual ritual that is practised all over Japan. It is a time for the Fukuoka people to play their gods to meet their requests. According to the Japanese beliefs, their gods will meet at one of the Shinto shrines, so people take the opportunity to pray for their matches to be met. One of the things to do at this shrine includes taking photos of the shrine and also drinking well water which is found right outside the shrine. Therefore, when you visit Fukuoka next time, have this shrine in your itinerary so that you can visit it.
A Visit to Fukuoka Castle Ruins
Maizuru Park houses this great Fukuoka attraction which is a top tourist attraction centre in Fukuoka. This castle served as the largest castle in Edo period which was between the 16th century and mid 18th century. It is currently a top tourist attraction.
Fukuoka attractions have been very important to the people of Japan. They are some of the best places to visit in Asia.
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